Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Training in Lafayette

I'm back from IJA, and boy are my arms tired! *bada-ching*
Just a quickie update this morning, my training logs from the past week. Lafayette Indiana had an Anytime Fitness that I was able to get to every morning. Quite a nice facility actually. Not much was different this past week: did a lot of juggling and walking. Dropped some accessory work so I could get to my workshops on time. Oh! I did buy a slingshot for overloading my bench press. Essentially it's a big 'ol rubber-band that you put around your arms when you bench. It will help the bottom-sticking point of the bench press, allowing you to overload your lift. It's pretty awesome. I'll be using it on Thursdays for an overloaded bench day from now on.

I'm just cutting and pasting my workout from the app's export here, so no fancy formatting.
Highlights include:

  • Squat 405# x 4
  • Slingshot Bench 315#
  • Deadlift 455 x 1 x 7

7/29/2014Barbell Squat45101
7/29/2014Barbell Squat13551
7/29/2014Barbell Squat22551
7/29/2014Barbell Squat31551
7/29/2014Barbell Squat40541
7/29/2014Barbell Squat40521
7/29/2014Barbell Squat36533
7/29/2014Paused Squat22551
7/29/2014Leg Press410124
7/30/2014Chin Up12.5410
7/30/2014Chin Up042
7/30/2014Bench Press45101
7/30/2014Bench Press13571
7/30/2014Bench Press18571
7/30/2014Bench Press22554
7/30/2014Bench Press18575
7/30/2014Calf Extension Machine200104
8/1/2014Bench Press45101
8/1/2014Bench Press13581
8/1/2014Bench Press18581
8/1/2014Bench Press22551
8/1/2014Slingshot Benchpress22551
8/1/2014Slingshot Benchpress27531
8/1/2014Slingshot Benchpress29511
8/1/2014Slingshot Benchpress31513
8/1/2014Slingshot Benchpress27532
8/1/2014Barbell Row45101
8/1/2014Barbell Row13581
8/1/2014Barbell Row18552
8/1/2014T-Bar Row45101
8/1/2014T-Bar Row9081
8/1/2014T-Bar Row13581
8/1/2014T-Bar Row16061
8/2/2014Battling Ropes0:304


  1. What's the hyperextension on 7/30? And whats your warmup and cooldown look like?

  2. http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/ErectorSpinae/BWHyperextensionHead.html
    They're a hip/back exercise. I've been experimenting with hi-rep exercises to promote recovery via pumping lots of blood through the joint. Plus, feels good man.

    Writing up my warm-ups and cooldowns!

  3. Oh wow, thanks. I should take a gander at those. Have to figure out a machine I can do them on though, don't think my gym has that contraption.

    1. It'll look like this: http://www.true-natural-bodybuilding.com/equipment/hyperextensions/precor-hyperextension-23.jpg
      if you do have one.


      Alternatively you could use a swiss ball

      The thing about the hyperextension is that it can work two different areas:
      By bending over and lifting until your body is in a straight line, it works through mainly your hamstrings and glutes. This is the safest way to do the exercise. These can easily be substituted with any number of posterior chain based exercises:
      Deadlift (barbell, dumbbell, one-legged dumbbell (a favorite of mine for targeting the bootay), Romanian/stiff leg)
      Leg curl machine, Glute Machine
      Barbell hip thrusts (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8nFGuY77CE)

      Take a look around the exrx.net site, they'll lift tons of alternatives for any given muscle-group.

      If you take that movement, and push it further, until you've moved past a straight line, you'll work with your spinal erectors along your lower back. I wouldn't recommend heavy weights at this point, but bodyweight should be fine. Torso Lifts and Supermans would work here