Thursday, August 21, 2014

Assembling a juggling practice

I've been blogging a lot about weight training lately, not so much about circus. Since I've got back from IJA this year I have been working towards assembling a regular, structured, jugging practice. Here's what I'm working with so far:

  • Warm-up. Stick balancing on chin. 15 min. Working towards balancing the stick for the entire 15 min, but when I get to 3-5 min at a time I'll be in good shape. Currently at around 30-45s.
  • 4 Ball warm-up.
    • Run several sets of fountains, at least 100 catches each.
    • Reverse fountains and columns.
    • Transitions between fountain, reverse, and columns. Generally 20 catches of each before moving on.
  • 4 Ball practice
  • 5 Ball
    • Pick one feature to focus on:
      • Consistent Height
        • Keep all throws the same height
        • Special focus on RH, as it tosses a little lower
      • Minimum Height
        • Keep all throws above a minimum height
        • At least an extended arm's length above head
        • The higher the better, but maintain accuracy
      • Elbows Tucked In
        • No "Frankenstein-ing"
        • Don't let one hand toss forward/backward
      • Consistent Width
        • Throws land inside/near shoulders
      • No "wax-on/"wax off"
        • Arms go up and down more than in circles
    • Work towards maximal runs with minimal foot movement
    • Some days I'll run pyramids: 10 x 10 catches, 10 x 12 catches, 10 x 14 catches, etc. 
  • Play time!

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