Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Training Log 8-12-14: Bench + Chins + Lots of Accessories.

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Total volume on my bench press dropped last week to 9735#; this week it's back up to 13175#, which is almost as much as before I upped the weight. I think another week or two at 205# / 245# then I'll bump up to 225# / 265#. I'm considering adding an AMAP (as many as possible) set to the end of my benching sets... only thing I have against it is my shoulders might not like it. We'll see.

Weighted Chins are increasing nicely as well. Since I'm in no rush, I'm taking the simple + slow route and only adding 2.5# a week. Added in DB shrugs because I want to really emphasize my upper back in support/accessory work. It won't hurt to do some variation of upper back exercise every time I work out. I figure 4 days of workout a week means I can hit all planes of movement (vertical pull up/down, horizontal pull in).

Probably should have done the DB Shrugs with Fat Gripz, but I only just thought of that now. I'd like to start adding weight-vest walks, farmers walks, and Turkish getups into my workouts soon. Turkish Getups and Farmers might go well as a "finisher". Never done much farmers walks in my gym as they're a little awkward, but the benefits make sense for me to figure out a good method.

As I build my strength base and work-capacity, I've been looking at the total volume lifted more and more. I'm not sure, but I think it's helpful when I'm doing a double-progression to compare the workout volume. It's harder to tell if you're increasing each workout when you're mixing up sets/reps and weights. All this could mean nothing, but at least it's another metric to look at. Plus when I write it all out it kind of makes me feel like a bad-ass.

Exercise Weight Reps Sets Volume
Bench Press, w/ Fat Gripz 45 10 2 13,175
135 8 1
175 5 1
205 7 1
245 3 4
205 6 4
205 5 1
Chin-up BW 8 1 1,800
Weighted Chin-up 15 5 2 10,140
15 4 2
17.5 4 6
Calf Raise 355 15 4 20,100
Hip Adduction Machine 140 100 1 14,000
Dumbbell Shrug 45 20 1 5,460
60 16 1
75 16 3
Hanging Leg Raise 15 10 3 450
Backbends BW 8 4 N/A

Almost forgot to put a picture of a baby elephant in.

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