Monday, August 11, 2014

Training Log 8-8-2014: Overload Bench

Overload bench press day. Really they're upper body days, but I'm categorizing by the major lifts as I work towards the meet. Warm-up with a normal bench press, then add the slingshot. From what I've heard, a 5 rep max with the slingshot is about equivalent to a 1 rep max without. It'll take a bit to get there without help, but I'm pretty excited to be working with 315#. Just having it in my hands is helpful, knowing my wrists won't snap off and I won't drop it on my face.

I think that my grip is a major limiting factor in my deadlift, so I'm trying to incorporate fat gripz into a lot more of my workout. It's easy for me to row 75#-100# DB, but holding onto 50# with the fat gripz was a major challenge.

Threw in some cable-face pulls for a bit of extra shoulder/upper back work. There can never bee too much upper back work. Back work in general, for that matter. Adding in backbends has really helped my shoulders to loosen up. This weekend my upper back and shoulders felt phenomenal. Backbends start off a bit stiff for me, but by the 8th or 10th rep everything has opened up and they start to feel really really good.

Bench Press45101
Slingshot Bench Press27551
Fat Gripz DB Row50103
DB Row7582
Cable Face Pull3581

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