Monday, August 11, 2014

Training Log 8-11-2014: Skwatz!

Working on getting back into two-a-days. Accessory work and conditioning in the mornings, heavy lifting and stretching in the afternoon. Support work is the opposite of heavy work; Today I squatted so I did upper body support work. Wasn't feeling extended reps today at 405; probably because I only had a bowl of chili for lunch and a few apples. Decided to up the intensity and not worry about rep-ranges today.

After seeing Ido Portal's post about hanging over the weekend, I decided I'll play with adding in hangs and bent-arm hangs to my workouts at the end. Just messing around with them today. Whenever I start playing with a new movement I'm careful not to overdo it. I like to test out various weights/times/rep ranges. Friday saw this with cable face pulls. That way, next time around, I can make an informed decision as to what would be challenging. Plus I have a bit more familiarity with the movement itself.

Low-Bar Squats45102
High Bar Paused Squat24052
Leg Press385124
Rope Push-Down52.5204
Ez-Bar Curl45402
Ez-Bar Curl25501
Band Pull-Apart15123
Bent Arm Static HoldBW15s2

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